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Full Size Trio

Hands down the best deodorant I’ve ever used!! It smells awesome, protects and keeps me fresh all day and you can’t beat the price. I used to use a *very* over priced brand and I would sweat through almost immediately. I’ve been trying to find a deodorant that would actually help with sweat and this is 1000% it! I’m a forever fan of this company and their products. The deodorants are long lasting (like months) and LOVE how they are cruelty free as well!

Best Deodorant ever- Beat all other naturals

I’ve tried so many natural deodorants and they either didn’t work or ruined my shirts. I actually get no smell wearing this deodorant. I’ve tried…. routine, green beaver, native, schmidt’s, etc and none compare to this. This will be my deodorant forever. Thank you for knowing you were different and going ahead with this product. Best natural deodorant I’ve encountered ever.

Perfectly Imperfect Sandalwood Vanilla Lime Deodorant - Travel Mini
Courtney K
Love it!

Great product from a company you can feel great about supporting. Local biz that stands behind ethical practices. Highly recommend and looking forward to trying the other scents!

Plastic Free Trio
Jennifer Senuk

AMAZING! I have never had a deodorant that works this good 👍 👍 let alone natural 😲

My new fav all natural deodorant. I have tried other brands but nothing beats this one. Scent is long lasting and glides on easy

Perfectly Imperfect Pineapple Bergamot Deodorant - Travel Mini
Patti M
Awesome product

Love this deodorant…

Perfectly Imperfect Sandalwood Vanilla Lime Deodorant - Travel Mini
Great Product!

I love sondr. I’ve tried other natural deodorants and they just don’t work. Sondr keeps my pits from smelling in all types of climates and it doesn’t seem to leave a residue on my clothes.

Full Size Trio
Cat Hickman
Game changer

I love this deodorant so much you guys. I can't rave about it enough times!! I have psoriasis and I've tried a ton of products for my armpits but they all react poorly to my skin. EXCEPT FOR THIS ONE!!! I'm obsessed. And I'm never going back lol. I'm ride or die for SONDR

Full Size Trio
Jenilee Quirion
Love this deodorant

It works great , no more wet tshirts and no more smell ! I've been using natural deodorant for years and it was hard finding one that works well . This one works the best !

Such a great product! Actually works and smells amazing! I would definitely buy again.

Perfectly Imperfect Pineapple Bergamot Deodorant - Travel Mini

Love this product. It works. Nothing wrong with the perfectly imperfect.

Perfectly Imperfect Pineapple Bergamot Deodorant - Travel Mini

Best all natural deodorant I have used so far!

Best deodorant ever!!

So happy to have found a local (to me), clean ingredient, ethic deodorant that WORKS!!!!
I made the switch to SONDR a couple of months ago and I couldn’t be happier.
The deodorant goes on clean and works through the day. No clogged pores, no stink, and no staining on my clothes. And the scents are fantastic … 10/10 recommend!!

Love All The Scents!

The deodorants are top notch! I work out a ton and love them.

Full Size Trio

It’s been a week since I made the switch to SONDR and so far I am delighted with no rash, hypersensitivity or swollen lymph nodes that other clean deodorants have caused me in the past. I absolutely LOVE the scents and would recommend to others in pursuit of clean, beautiful smelling deodorant. Thank you for creating a product to love and enjoy every day!

Full Size Trio
Alan S
Best natural deodorant out there!

5/5: best natural deodorant out there! It is rare to find a natural deodorant that truly works for more than 12 hours. SONDR works for more than 24 hours (including workouts!). Also, in contrast with other natural deodorants, SONDR does not leave any residue or stains on clothing. Plus, the scents are fantastic. Highly, highly recommended!

Pineapple bergamot deodorant

Love the smell. Keeps my armpits smelling pretty!

Perfectly Imperfect Pineapple Bergamot Deodorant - Travel Mini
Irene Hawrysh

Great scent combos. Very effective

Simply the Best

This is the most wonderful smelling deodorant Sondr has created and it will leave you feeling and smelling fresh all day long as you proudly wear it and catch the fragrance throughout your day with a smile 👊

Simply Marvelous

This deodorant will have you feeling and smelling fresh all day long and you can wear it proudly

Full Size Trio
Jaime Morgan
The best deodorant I’ve used!

I love all three scents in this duo and the deodorant itself is THE BEST I’ve ever used!

After a lifetime of putting aluminum on my armpits, I finally found a healthy alternative that actually WORKS. Smells great, lasts SO long, and it’s toxin-free. Highly recommend!

This is the BEST deodorant I will never buy anything else! Amazing

Smells great and actually works!

Full Size Trio

The product is amazing!

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