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Native Deodorant to Canada, No More

Native Deodorant to Canada, No More

The rumours are true. If you've been a loyal, Canadian Native Deodorant user, you may have gotten an email, but in case you haven't, we'll recap it for you: Native Deodorant will no longer be shipping to Canada.

Where can I get clean deodorant now?

We're so glad you asked! Maybe you've even been on the fence about trying SONDR Clean Deodorant. This is your not-so-subtle sign to make the switch and try SONDR now!

Will SONDR ever stop shipping to Canada?

SONDR is proudly Canadian owned, Canadian made and we will NEVER stop shipping within this beautiful country. To our amazing American SONDR Squad: we'll never stop shipping to you either!

What makes SONDR so great?

SONDR is working hard to bridge the gap between in-ethical, unhealthy drug store brands and expensive, niche, all natural brands by offering naturally derived, clean, high quality and truly functional personal care products at a mainstream friendly price. From everything we put into our products, to what is on our products, and every ethical practice behind the scenes, SONDR is focused on a relentless focus on improvement, transparency and integrity.

You'll never find parabens or harmful chemicals in SONDR products. Our deodorants are all aluminium-free, baking-soda free, vegan, sustainable and cruelty-free. SONDR deodorant is clean and safe for everyone, including our furry friends.  is made of clean, healthy ingredients that can all be traced right back to their source, to ensure that SONDR is always what we claim: clean, healthy, ethical and functional! Check out a full list of our ingredients on our FAQ page.

Your new clean deodorant journey starts here

When a door shuts, a window opens. As humans, we're creatures of habit, we don't like change. We understand that! So, now that Native Deodorant no longer ships to Canada, this leaves you open to finally try the clean deodorant your body has been begging for. Shop our effective, aluminium-free deodorants here. You'll never turn back.


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