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Tips for your Pits: How to get the most out of your clean deodorant

Tips for your Pits: How to get the most out of your clean deodorant

You're ready. You've decided to make the switch to a natural deodorant, but you're afraid of smelling like a mix of lavender and sweat. Apart from picking the right deodorant, like SONDR Clean Deodorant, here are a few tips to keeping you smelling and feeling fresh all day long!


Fresh pits are created long before the deodorant stage. Your shower routine has a lot to do with ensuring an odour-free day. Start by using an anti-bacterial body wash or soap to create an environment that odour causing bacteria won't be attracted to. 

Exfoliating keeps bacteria in check by getting rid of dead skin cells while also reducing deodorant build up. Natural deodorants are made with waxes and oils that stay on the skin throughout the day to prevent body odour, but a build up prevents new product from getting in there and doing its job. 

Shaving or trimming underarm hair allows your clean deodorant to get closer to the skin and really do its job to keep you fresh all day.

Let 'Em Breathe

Clean deodorant is most effective when applied to clean, dry skin. And while effectiveness is at the forefront of all our minds when choosing a natural deodorant option, many can cause very uncomfortable skin irritation and rashes. This is usually caused by ingredients like baking soda and talc. Good news for you! All SONDR deodorants are made without these two ingredients (check out our list of ingredients on our FAQ page)!

After showering in warm water, our pores are more open, allowing any product we use to more easily penetrate our skin, leaving us more open to irritation. This is hugely amplified if shaving is part of your hygiene routine. On days that you shower first thing in the morning, make your deodorant application the last thing you do in your routine, allowing your skin to calm down post shower and avoiding those itchy, red bumps. 

One more reason to wait it out? Bacteria thrives in wet environments. If you apply your deodorant to damp or wet skin, you're just trapping in odour causing bacteria, basically starting your day off with more chance of experiencing body odour.

Less is more

2-3 swipes per pit, that's it! We see you out there, slathering that SONDR goodness all over those pits like sunscreen on a sunny day, multiple times a day! This is your sign to cut that out.

We hope you already know this, but deodorant isn't sunscreen and therefore doesn't need to be applied with the same reckless abandon! Applying excessive deodorant does the opposite job that you want it to do. By applying a huge amount at one time, you're creating a build up that will feel sticky and build up on your clothing.

Reapplying your deodorant throughout the day without cleaning your skin is also a big no no. Our sweat doesn't (usually) stink. What stinks is the bacteria that builds up on our skin throughout the day. As we mentioned above, clean deodorants are formulated with oils and waxes that are meant to stay on your skin all day. If you reapply your deodorant without cleansing the area first, you are simply trapping in that stinky bacteria - much like applying too soon after a shower!


Drink up!

Ok. We all know this by now. Hydration is basically the key to life. It's no different here. Staying hydrated helps our bodies remove odour-causing toxins more effectively, thus greatly reducing body odour. It also keeps our skin healthy and soft!

Give it time

New to clean deodorant? After moving away from aluminum-based antiperspirant, your body will need to get rid of some of the odour-causing toxins that have built up over time. For most, it's barely noticeable, but for some, there may be a short period of heightened odour. No worries! Follow the rest of the tips above, and you'll be all set. You're ready to take the plunge into the world of clean deodorant! So get to it, shop SONDR Clean Deodorant here!


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