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Does SONDR actually work?

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You bet! SONDR has been tested in Hawaiian marathons, all things physical and in high-stress situations like getting grilled by your future father-in-law.

We are not an anti-perspirant, but a clean + effective deodorant. We believe that there is a reason our body sweats. Perspiration is necessary, but feeling wet and smelling less than fresh are not!

Our unique formula will keep you feeling dry + fresh, throughout the day and in some of the sticky situations that we find ourselves in!

Will I need to reapply?

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SONDR works to keep you feeling fresh and dry throughout the day and most people won't feel the need to reapply!

For those who want to re-up on our great scents after an intense sweat sesh or before heading out on the town after a long work day, our travel minis will fit in any purse or gym bag!

What if I have sensitive skin?

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All SONDR deodorants are made without baking soda, the leading culprit causing rashing and itching in natural deodorants.

What is clean deodorant?

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Our clean deodorant is made with healthy, effective and sustainable ingredients. SONDR is made up of natural + naturally derived ingredients that you can feel comfortable buying for yourself and your loved ones.

Is SONDR actually cruelty-free?

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Yes! And we always will be!

SONDR is so committed to always offering truly cruelty-free products, that we've put our money where are mouth is.

We adhere to Leaping Bunny standards and are certified cruelty-free by them.

We will never test on animals, and will never work with suppliers or third parties who do.

We will not sell our product to regions or countries where animal testing is required by law.

And now for the kicker, the big promise. SONDR will NEVER sell to a parent company that tests on animals, because we believe that to be truly cruelty-free, not a single penny should contribute to the testing of animals, regardless of business hierarchies.

So it's easy to say big things, but to stand by them is a whole other ballgame, right? Every shareholder in the SONDR family has signed a legal document stating all of the above. No way to change our minds now!

Now we're going to push other companies to do the same! It's not just a product folks, it's a movement!


How is SONDR a sustainable company?

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SONDR is dedicated to constantly striving to be better. Better for your health, better for animals and better for the planet.

In an effort to constantly work towards a more sustainable SONDR, we substitute ingredients like Palm Oil, Ozokerite and Carnauba Waxes and Palm Oil for more environmentally ingredients like the widely available Candelila Wax.

While we continue to seek superior plastic alternatives for our classic packaging, we offer a paper alternative and use minimal packaging for our product and shipping. 

SONDR is a plastic neutral company, partnering with CleanHub to stop 200KG of non-recyclable plastic from entering our oceans this year. That's the equivalent of 20,000 plastic bottles!

Follow along to see our progress, and how we continue to work towards a better SONDR. 

What is Plastic Neutral?

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According to our partners over at CleanHub, plastic neutrality means that for every amount of plastic created, an equal amount of plastic waste is retrieved from the environment to be appropriately disposed of - either recycled or repurposed.

The overall goal is to not create a surplus of (virgin-)plastic. So, for every 1kg of plastic discarded or produced, the equivalent amount is removed from the environment or intercepted before it can leak into nature.

SONDR is committed to being a plastic neutral company and working toward a plastic negative future!

What is in SONDR deodorant?

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SONDR has been formulated with the healthiest, highest quality ingredients that keep in mind not only our wellbeing as humans, but the wellbeing of animals and the planet we all live on.

Our ingredients:

Fractionated coconut oil, Shea butter, Olive Squalane, Coconut oil, Coco butter, Zinc Ricinoleate (castor oil derived), Sunflower Wax, Glyceryl Caprylate (coconut oil derived), Tapioca Starch, Magnesium Hydroxide, Vitamin E USP, Polyhydroxystearic Acid (castor oil derived), Brassica Glycerides, Oliwax, Fragrance (combination of essential oils, botanicals and safe & IFRA compliant synthetics where EOs will be an irritant - any formula making use of SS scent is less than 0.75% concentration).

Is perfume or fragrance safe?

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Yes! Much of our scent comes from essential oil blends. For any synthetic fragrances, we use only a very small concentration (1.5% concentration or less) of safe synthetic fragrance oils that you can feel safe using on your bod!

Having our product made in Canada means that SONDR products are subject to very strict health and safety laws.

Health Canada reviews fragrance ingredients like all other cosmetic ingredients. If a fragrance ingredient is found to be unsafe for use in cosmetics, it cannot be used in cosmetics sold in Canada, as per the law.

For more information, visit Health Canada's website!

Does SONDR expire?

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Our deodorants are shelf stable for up to 24 months!

Are there Parabens, Phthalates, Aluminium or Baking Soda in SONDR?

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You will never find Parabens, Phthalates, Aluminium or Baking Soda in SONDR deodorants!

the journey

Where does SONDR ship?

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SONDR ships across Canada + the USA.... for now! Stay tuned as we achieve world domination!

What does shipping cost?

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SONDR ships anywhere across North America for $9CAD ($7USD) or FREE for any orders over $50CAD.

Expedited shipping is available. Rates will be calculated at checkout.

How long will shipping take?

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SONDR products sent with flat rate or free shipping arrive within Canada 3-7 business days after they are sent, and to the United States, between 7 and 12 business days after shipping.

Expedited options can arrive in as little as 1-2 business days after package ships.

Can I get expedited shipping?

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You bet! Choose expedited shipping at check out. Costs will vary, but we'll get that package out to you ASAP!

How do I track my package?

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Click here to track your order!

the extras

What is your return policy?

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Check out our return policy here!

Where is SONDR made?

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SONDR is Canadian run company and our deodorants are Canadian made... eh!

What is a SONDR subscription?

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Love SONDR and want to make sure never to run out?

When selecting your fave SONDR products, choose to have them shipped to you automatically every month, every other month or every three months.

Subscribe and save 15% on your orders!

SONDR subscriptions are for individual deodorants only, and do not include trio sets.

Where can I find you on shelves?

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We're slowly building our list of stockists! Know a shop that would be a great match for SONDR? Email us at to let us know!

Keep checking back here as our list of stores grows!

What does 'make cruelty-free mainstream' mean?

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When our founder decided to change her shopping habits + make cruelty-free a priority, she learned that it wasn't as easy as looking for the bunny on the back of a bottle.

Shopping cruelty-free right now takes time + research beyond a quick google search. It can be confusing + frustrating.

Cruelty-free products should be the norm + it's our mission at SONDR to make it so. We are going to put pressure on industry leaders to change their practices + change laws to ensure that one day, you won't have to research products before you buy, because animal testing will be a thing of the past.

Join the movement! #makecrueltyfreemainstream

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