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Based on 179 reviews

After a lifetime of putting aluminum on my armpits, I finally found a healthy alternative that actually WORKS. Smells great, lasts SO long, and it’s toxin-free. Highly recommend!

This is the BEST deodorant I will never buy anything else! Amazing

Smells great and actually works!

Full Size Trio

The product is amazing!

So good!

This is one of the only clean deodorants that doesn’t leave me stinky by the end of a tough shift at work! Love the smell and feels great on the skin!

High Performing Deo!

I was previously using an American brand that stopped shipping to Canada. One day I got an ad for this company and I'm glad I checked it out! This deodorant works! It lasts all day/night against odour. Honestly, it's lasted even longer than that for me. Nice smell but not overpowering. Glides on smoothly and doesn't leave any residue on my clothing. Actually the perfect option for me. I highly recommend it and hope to see more scents in the future (maybe something floral, something fresh like laundry). A Canadian company providing high performance, clean deo 🙌🏾

Full Size Trio
Kim Young
The best natural deodorant EVER

I love SONDR! I honestly brag to friends and family about it because it really works! I want everyone to get away from the harmful ingredients in name brands and switch to SONDR! So happy with all each one!

Best Natural Deodorant Ever!

I can’t tell you how many different natural deodorants I’ve tried in my life (like actually dozens of kinds). This is the only one that has ever worked. I actually cannot believe how well it works!! And the smells are yummy. I have converted my whole family and the results are amazing!

Simply AMAZING!!

I have been using natural deodorant products for years now but had recently become dissatisfied with the one I was using. It simply wasn’t working, I stunk all the time. I ordered SONDR and it has been game changing. Fresh scent that isn’t overwhelming, easy application and best of all NO STINK! You have knocked it out of the park Michelle and Kris, thank you! I can’t wait to gift the men in my life some for Christmas.

Full Size Coconut Jasmine
Patricia Cacheiro
Are you sure this is natural

I have tried many natural deodorants, and I think I’ve found the one. I can wear this to a hot yoga class and still meet friends for coffee after. I highly recommended

Great Product - Excellent Service

I had a fantastic experience with SONDR's deodorant and customer service! The deodorant keeps me feeling fresh and confident throughout the day, and its pleasant scent is a BIG bonus. SO unique.

What truly impressed me, though, was their exceptional customer service. They were responsive, attentive, and went above and beyond to address my inquiries.

I highly recommend SONDR for both their quality products and outstanding customer support!

My Favorite scent

Both my husband and I wear this deodorant, we love it.

Travel Mini Trio
Theresa Easter
I love them all!

This was my first time using SONDR but i had heard amazing things from so many people! I love all the smells in the trio. They are the perfect size for throwing in my purse or gym bag. With past natural deodorants i have had to re apply a few times in the day and never use them for the gym but with SONDR i apply once in the morning and can even use it on gym days!

Full Size Trio
Kim Logan
No stink so far

As soon as I started using SONDAR the results have been great! No smelly pits :) Love it!

Travel Mini Trio
Brittany Olson

I’ve tried all the natural deodorants and deodorants on the shelf and Sondr by far has not let me down..the most amazing stuff!!

Working for me Postpartum

So far so good! I'm 2 1/2 months postpartum and since having this babe(my third) my oder has been no joke. I went through 6 different deodorants trying to find something natural that worked. My cousin had just started trying Sondr and said it was working for her, so I bought some. Like I said, so far, so good! I love the scents. Coconut jasmine reminds me of Hawaii. I hope they continue to work for me! Tip: make sure you wash and dry your pits each time you apply.

Worth the subscription

10/10 obsessed with this “flavour” of Sondr! Reminds me of my beautiful island paradise home.

Don’t sweat it…literally

This is the very first deodorant that stays true to its promise! All the scents are subtle yet fresh and in no way overpowering. I feel fresh all day and at the end of the day actually have to wash the deodorant off…that’s a first and I am beyond impressed!!!

Travel Mini Trio
Ashley Ramsay
Amazing it works !!!!

Best natural deodorant

The Most Amazing Natural Deodorant

I have spent year trying to find the right deodorant that WORKS and SONDR is it! It doesn’t leave oil stains, it doesn’t cause rashes(a lot of other natural deodorants use baking soda which can clog pores). It smells amazing! And knowing it’s made here in Canada is a huge plus! I’m so stoked I found it!

Full Size Trio
Teri Burdett
Quite like it

Really pleased with Sondr. Works well and smells great without all the crap.

High Performing Deo!

This travel is great for travel but also to try out the product! In terms of performance, I find that it keeps smell at bay, the scent is long lasting and the deodorant goes on clear and stay clear. It last long in my experience and keeps me smelling good on long days or nights out. My personal favourite scent is Bergamot + Pineapple. I definitely recommend this brand. I'm glad that it's Canadian and in a reasonable price range!

Best Natural Deodorant

I can’t express enough how happy I was to see that a natural deodorant worked so well! I don’t have to reapply after a busy day of nursing patients ! I can trust this deodorant, and that’s important in my career and lifestyle! Thank you for being awesome

Travel Mini Trio
Kristina Racich
Love love love!

I have used a tonne of different natural deodorants and have only come across a couple that I actually love, Sondr being one of them. This deodorant lasts through until the end of the day, even on the hottest of days. It smells great, the coconut jasmine is my favourite, and it feels good on my skin. Highly recommend!

Full Size Trio
Jillian Wiebe

Love the full size! They all smell amazing & I don’t stink! 😂

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