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Natural Deodorant VS Naturally Derived Deodorant - What's the difference?

Natural Deodorant VS Naturally Derived Deodorant - What's the difference?

There are so many terms thrown around in the beauty and personal care space. All natural, naturally derived, clean, non-toxic, aluminum free, plant based... It can get overwhelming. Knowing which brands are feeding you straight facts can be even more difficult.

Let's start with two almost identical terms that can be misleading. Natural and naturally derived. What's the difference? Which one is better?

At SONDR, we believe in the perfect balance of nature and science, to create proven results. We also believe in full transparency. You want to know exactly what is going into your products, and how they're sourced and made? You got it! 

What is natural deodorant?

Simply put, natural deodorants are made of 100% natural ingredients, like essential oils, plant or seed oils and waxes and powders, like tapioca starch.

Are all natural ingredients healthy?

As consumers, we've been groomed to see the word 'natural' and think good, healthy and sustainable.

This isn't the case, unfortunately, and it's important to research what ingredients we're putting on, and therefore in, our bodies, and where they are coming from. 


One of the clearest examples of this? Aluminum! We all know that it's bad in our body care products, but aluminum is a natural ingredient! SONDR is, and always will be an aluminum-free deodorant. Check out our deodorants here!

Other examples of natural ingredients that may not be the best for our bodies include baking soda and some essential oils. 

What is naturally derived deodorant?


Naturally derived deodorants, like SONDR, employ a combination of all natural ingredients and ingredients sourced from nature, then modified slightly or extracted, resulting in an effective, nature-based ingredient.

A great example of one of our favourite naturally derived ingredients is Zinc Ricinoleate. Zinc ricinoleate is the zinc salt of ricinoleic acid which is derived from castor oil. It's a highly effective deodorizing ingredient that works by trapping and absorbing odour molecules which are formed through bacterial decomposition of sweat.

So what's better? Natural deodorant or naturally derived deodorant?

We always like to say, it comes down to what your priority is. If you are set on living a hyper, all-natural lifestyle, then sure, all natural deodorant is the way to go for you! 

Over here at SONDR however, we hear all the time, that people have tried natural deodorants, and they just didn't work, so what makes ours any different?

Our philosophy of science and nature collaborating to create highly effective and healthy, plant-based products is what sets us apart.

After all, what's the point of a product, natural or not, if it doesn't do the job it was intended to do?

Shop SONDR naturally derived deodorant here!


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